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Do you know these guys?
Yeah, it’s Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
As you surely know, they are founders of one of
the biggest tech company in the world.

Now imagine, what if they never met?

steve jobs steve wozniak wolveson
no apple effects

The scenario of two great minds, not meeting
each other, would have several consequences.

A lot of ideas would never see the light of
the day, everyday products we use,
would never be invented.

Unfortunately, this scenario happens nowadays.

Potential founders with mutual vision don’t meet
each other, because of the huge distance barrier.

map with no wolveson

That's why we created Wolveson.
A social networking platform for startups.

wolveson is dedicated for:
/ hustlers
/ designers people like You
/ engineers
/ developers with a desire to create awesome startups

wolveson app screen taskboard

No matter how great team it is, task management is
always a big challange. Wolveson solves this problem too!

We've created Taskboard - simple tool to have everything
under control.

Put tasks in TO DO section,
work on them in IN PROGRESS section,
if finished, move them to DONE section.

This way, every team member notices progress and focuses
on getting things done!

wolveson app on devices

Entrepreneurs are like wolves.
They head out for the hunt, even when they are not sure
if they gonna succeed in it.

Who's hustlin' in Wolveson

Kacper Bałajewicz


Visioner with irresistible of making his ideas real thing, leading
Wolveson project. Charisma and ease of networking, making him natural
leader. He is in love with new technologies, programming and marketing.


Mikołaj Biernat

UI/UX Designer/Co-Founder

Ambitious and hard working designer. He loves creating new things and
sharing it with others. Specializing in UI/UX and constantly discovering design


Marcin Jędrusiak

Full-Stack Developer

He works as Mobile Developer, despite his technical view, he is also creative
and helpfull in design sphere of Wolveson. Studies at Gdansk University of
Technology, Computer Science.


Maria Biernat

Community Manager

Interesting in social aspects of technological progress, especially in AI.
Proactive and full of energy to realise new projects. Studies Computational
Linguistic and Russian Philology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.